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Sea Glass Necklaces

Sail Boat

Sail Boat pendant with white and green sea glass wrapped in a German artistic wire and glass crystals. Silver choker necklace IS INCLUDED. Pendant Size: 2" by 3" Choker Size: 16"

Sea Queen

Handmade crochet necklace with white sea glass individually wrapped in a non tarnish silver wire, amethyst chips and white pearls are adding a nice finish to this grand necklace. This wire wrapped lace necklace will absolutely make a statement. Several layers of sea glass pendants individually attached to a crochet necklace does not add heaviness but adds more charm. This grand necklace has a large hook on the back that could be hooked on to any hole on this necklace. This sea glass necklace has a special design that allows you to re-size it to your comfort level. This necklace could be worn a little loose or like a choker. Perfect jewelry for a special occasion like wedding, gala event or birthday celebration. Size: 19" long

Sea Star

Silver choker necklace with green and white sea glass. Silver non tarnish wire twisted in a shape of a coral with small sea glass chips wrapped around, light green aventurine chips and large sea star pendant. Size: 16"

Seashell Beach

Crochet triple chain necklace with tear drop crystals, seashells and sea glass from Barbados. Perfect vocation jewelry to take with you. Size: 24.5

Three Drops

This is my signature coral twist technique. Earrings in non tarnish silver, white foam sea glass and white pearls. Perfect for a bride to wear on her special day or with any summer light dress. To prevent silver from tarnishing, keep earrings in a plastic bag. To clean, use a gentle cloth for silver jewelry cleaning. Size: 15.5"

White Cloud

Necklace with white freshwater pearls and white sea glass from Barbados. Flawless crochet bib necklace is made with tarnish resistant wire, sea glass is wrapped in silver wire and individually attached to the necklace. This necklace is perfect for a bride. Size: 19" long

Blue Glaze

Six crochet chains with fresh water pearls, lapis chips, sodalite, ceramic blue beads and broken pottery chips. These pottery chips were found on west coast beach in Barbados. Perhaps the pottery originally came from England hundreds of year ago. Size: 32" long

Brown Rocks

Bronze crochet bib necklace,with three long sea glass stones in the middle, tiger eye chips and amber mix shells. This ethnic bib sea glass necklace is crochet half way and is secured by two elegant chains on the back. Size: 19" long

Rain Drops

Elegantly crochet bib necklace with light blue sea glass from Barbados and large blue quartz stones. Each sea glass is wrapped in metal wire and individually attached to the crochet necklace. This beautiful necklace is crochet half way and is secured by two elegant chains on the back. The clam lock is silver and will tarnish with time. To clean, use a gentle cloth for silver jewelry cleaning. Size: 18" long

Sea glass jewelry necklaces and sea glass pendants are made with non-tarnish silver, sterling silver, artistic wire, pearls and semi-precious stones to create beautiful, long-lasting design pieces.

Coral twist- designer’s signature technique that is used to make some of the necklaces but most of them are made by using a traditional crochet technique. The sea glass necklaces collection is offered in four styles—an expandable/resizable sea glass choker necklace, a one-size-fits-all sea glass chain necklace and multi strand necklace.

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