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About Designer

Kristina Bykova was born in Moscow, Russia and now live in Oakton, Virginia. Kristina’s first exhibition was in Moscow in 2008 at the art gallery “Artmarine” but creative art was always her passion. Whether it was a simple vase, a glass jar, or an empty olive oil bottle, if it was unique and interesting to look at, Kristina loved to improve on it with her own personal style. Kristina predominantly works on jewelry making but has worked in all forms of artistic expression.  Although Kristina’s degree is in Accounting, she has always studied and been involved in different types of creative movements. All products that Kristina creates are unique, joyful, and full of color.

Kristina likes to travel and she scoops up international inspiration in all forms: national patterns on fabrics, ornaments and anything that could be used as a new way of showing off the diversity in the artistic process. Abstract, fantastic, flower motives appear on simple house objects like vases, plates, jugs, bottles, sculptures. Each work is original and surprising.  Peering at unusual patterns on glass and refractions of the light, you plunge into a magic beauty of the Middle East, the heat of Caribbean Islands, or the glowing world of the Northern Lights.  “It’s always pleasant and interesting to think about certain "highlights" for your room interior, a private residence or office.”-says the artist.  Occasionally, Kristina does go back to her first art passions, but her old connection to colorful glass has transformed into a new love and passion in a whole, new form.

The inspiring story about a little kitten named Rocky found and saved by Kristina and her husband moved the artist to take a new step in her artistic life. She began creating jewelry from a sea glass and dedicated her website “CatOnRock” to a little bundle of joy that was saved from abandonment.

“It brings me so much joy and warmth to my heart knowing that every piece of jewelry I create is dedicated to that little creature that needed our rescue, love and care. It is very special to know that you invest your time and effort to honor that moment in your life when you made a choice to help someone in need.”

Her new way of art transmits the Caribbean mood and comfort of warm turquoise waters.  Kristina’s jewelry is one of a kind, fresh and eye-catching.



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